Bill Peterseim ("Wild Bill") is a multi-talented Financial Professional with one of the most diverse backgrounds imaginable. Professionally, Bill is a Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor, CEO, and member of several Boards of Directors and an Advisory Board Member for a 3D on Television (with no glasses) firm. He is an economist making frequent guest appearances on Christian Radio and guest historian lecturing at the college level on WWII and the atomic bomb. He has 30 years in real estate and is a former Stock Broker. 

Entertainment-wise, Bill has starred in stage productions of various plays, excelling as a Comedy Actor. He has performed at Fairs vocally and is a regular on the karaoke scene with an enthusiastic audience of "groupies" covering the full spectrum of ages. He has been a DJ, written and hosted his own financial series on radio and a television special on Estate Planning and is, at this moment, in talks for yet another series. He has served as a studio cameraman and Broadcast Engineer at NBC and produced a freelance television commercial and travelogue.

Bill's background in both civilian and military Cold War circles involved
nulear weapons and detection.  He is a physical fitness advocate, often amazing his audience with as many as 500 pushups.  He has been SCUBA Diving since 1960, wind-surfing, sailing, and holds a Commercial Pilot's License, flying or displaying his Red Chinese Military Aircraft at air shows.  A transplant from the north, Bill and his wife of 38 years now make their home in Orlando.
Bill Peterseim